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Emily Sands - Featured Artist

Featured Artist

After featuring Arnie Glesper in March, we were contacted by the exuberant Emily Sands. Though we were going to run a party focused theme with a few partner, she sold us on her very unique all-over-print style featuring all types of beautiful animal photography

Emily was inspired to pursue photography when a chance picture of her cat turned out to be one of the more striking photos she'd seen. "I was playing around with my cat, trying to get a cute pic for Instagram and captured Merchi's face in a way that totally showed her personality" says Emily. Since then she had been trying to do the same for her friends pets, zoo animals and anything she can find in the wild.

This collection was put together by Emily and combines her own photography along with some of the more intriguing images she found online. "I wanted to show off this photographic style that anthropomorphically shows the personality traits of unique animals species. I found that there are much better photographers than me out there and also exotic fauna that I might never have access to, so I included many images that define my style from around the web."

"These products are definitely unique and I look forward to releasing different mediums throughout the month of May to offer people many ways to experience, share and otherwise live with my style of art." With such a passion it was hard to resist featuring Emily and her unique style.

We hope you enjoy and if nothing else, it gets you thinking about nature and the weird world around you. Check out the Emily Sands Collections Here


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