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How To REALLY Order At Chipotle

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Chipotle is bae. You know it's true. In an effort to get you the best information possible, we consulted a nameless insider at our favorite restaurant chain for all you need to know.
1. Know what costs extra. Chipotle is not one to nickel-and-dime. They only charge extra for meat and guacamole. There is no charge for extra: tortillas, rice, beans, sour cream, cheese, or salsas. 
2. Fill up your bowl. If you're going to see a refrigerator wherever you're going next, fill up your bowl. Always ask for a to-go lid so that you can take your Second Chipotle home for a bonus late-night round.
3. Get two tortillas for your burrito. When you show up at the front of the line, ask for two tortillas only half-way overlapping (see: Image 1) with double rice and double beans. This gets you twice the burrito for the same price. Not kidding!
Image 1
4. Ask for items on the side. Don't get beans? Ask for them on the side. Want a side of salsa for the chips you have at home? Ask for a side of salsa. If you get tacos I recommend asking for the rice and beans both on the side as well as an extra side of salsa. This will be the perfect snack when you get home from the bar. #thankuslater
5. Look at the food before you decide on what to eat. Chipotle is VERY good at preparing their food. But seriously, just look at the food before you ask for it. If the steak is medium-rare like it's supposed to be, meat-eaters should be lining up. If you normally get Barbacoa but it's not nicely shredded in 2-3 inch pieces, opt for one of the other proteins. If the mild salsa is a squishy mess, just get the tomatillo green!
6. Be very nice to the employees. This goes a long way! If you smile, pay attention, and speak clearly and politely, you will likely get better portions. (See Image 2)
Image 2
7. If your portion feels unjust, just ask for "a little more." We will probably get an email from Chipotle for this one. When you ask for a little more, they might tell you that double meat costs extra, but just stick to your guns and repeat: "Can I please just have a little more?" Just try it. It works. Everytime. 
8. Don't order ahead. We know it's tempting to skip the line and order ahead. Don't do it! You deserve a fresh lunch but they may make your order 5 minutes or more before you show up. That means your salsas and sour cream are heating up, your rice and meat is cooling down, and you're not getting the product Chipotle actually offers. And don't take it to go- unless you're eating in the car. 
You are now equipped with knowledge that will help you live an Eternal Weekend. See you at Chipotle!
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