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How To Stock Your First Home Bar

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At some point, you've probably gotten the home bar bug. You know, you feel compelled to go to the liquor store and get a box of stuff so you can make drinks at home for you and your friends. It's an intense urge many of us feel after college, and unless you have trouble controlling yourself, it can be a great thing to have around. In this article we will talk about coming up with a smart approach to your bar and then stocking the essentials.

Home Bar Photo by Eternal Weekend

The first question you should answer: What are your favorite drinks? Start with what you love and list your top 2-5 favorite cocktails. Then, look up recipes for them- the ingredients will help inform your bars' foundation.

Second question: What do your friends like? One major reason to have a home bar is to entertain! Keep your friends' faves on hand as well. 


Booze - Vodka, Bourbon, and Gin. If you need help with economic and excellent brand choices, go with Russian Standard Vodka, Bulleit Bourbon, and Bombay Sapphire Gin. After you've got those main three you'll soon be adding Tequila and light and dark Rum. Other than those, be sure to get your favorites. Like Fireball. #Goals

Russian Standard VodkaBulleit Bourbon         Bombay Sapphire Gin

Mixers - Seltzer (soda water), Tonic, Cranberry Juice, and Coke. You will need others later, but these are some classics to get you rolling. When it comes to lemon juice and lime juice, you should be juicing your own fruit rather than buying the stuff from the store.

Garnishes - Your garnishes depend so much on what you like, and most of them need to be fresh. Just get what you need from the grocery when you need it. 

Glassware - Rocks glasses and shots glasses. Unless you need a specific addition like martini glasses for your cosmopolitans, these two really hold it down in the beginning.

Accessories - Shaker, strainer, and muddler. You can get a jigger for measuring but if you have a shot glass that can serve the same purpose. 

Ice - We recommend you buy a small bag of ice rather than use the ice from your ice cube trays. It really makes a big difference.

If you get these starter items you can already make: Vodka Sodas, Vodka Cranberries, Vodka on the Rocks, Cuba Libres, Bourbon on the Rocks, Gimlets, and Gin and Tonics. That's a pretty good menu to start with! 

Now you are ready to begin three of your favorite activities: planning, shopping, and drinking! Have fun and remember to be safe. XO

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