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7 Keys to Starting a Badass Record Collection

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Vinyl records are back! You probably knew that. There's just something really special about holding the record jackets with big art as the record spins on the turntable. It's really nice to put on some music in the morning as the sun comes through the windows or if your friends come over later in the day. If you haven't started a record collection of your own but are about to give it a try, here's 7 Keys To Starting A Badass Record Collection.

Vinyl Records

1. Raid your parents' collection. Even if your parents had the worst taste in music, chances are they have a few records you'd enjoy having around. Plus- it'd be great to start your collection with some meaningful albums that you have nostalgic feelings about. 

2. Buy some new records. When your favorite artist comes out with a new release, go pick up a physical copy. Chances are there will be a free download card in it too- so you won't need to buy it on iTunes. 

3. Buy used whenever possible. Seriously, some records being remanufactured now do not need to be back in production- the original copies might be around for much cheaper. Only one thing to remember here- pull the record out without touching the grooves (the part that makes music) and look for any visible scratches. If it looks like you could feel the scratch if you touched it, then that's probably good enough indication that the record is badly damaged. 

4. Remember to support local artists. You know that songwriter you saw at the cafe last week? They probably have a record out and they could really benefit from having your support. 

5. Most record stores have dollar bins with tons of hidden gems. This can really help to bolster your collection early on. You may even find the "digging" experience cathartic and one of the best parts about collecting records. 

6. If you are inheriting your parent's record player, make sure the needle isn't damaged. If your parents give you their stereo, it's likely much better than the all-in-one units at Target (which are really just fine for your first one) but just make sure you're not ruining your records with an old needle. If you can't tell how bad it is- a quick Google search or trip to the record store (don't forget the needle!) can help you get to the bottom of it. 

7. Try visiting your locally-owned record stores and introducing yourself. There's going to be a much, much, MUCH better selection and the staff is almost surely more knowledgeable than their chain-retailer counterparts. They can show you around the store and make recommendations based on what you like.

OK, now it's time to get some records and get them home. Maybe invite some friends over? Maybe just sit around and listen by yourself?! I don't know!! IT'S SO EXCITING!!! Have fun!


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