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11 Ways To Outwit Your Hangovers

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Look- there's something you need to know. You're probably going to get fired if you keep showing up to work hungover. I can't be sure, but if you're on sentence three of this post and haven't stopped reading yet then it's likely true. It's all fine and good to say "just drink less" but at the end of the day if you're set on the idea of having a few drinks, you should at least consider these 11 Ways To Outwit Your Hangovers.


1. Eat dinner. Pick something thick too. Think- carbs and protein. Say it with me, "CARBS AND PROTEIN!!!" Yay!

2. Drink. more. freaking. water. Stop acting like it's lame and just do it. Better yet, grab a Gatorade. You need to hydrate! You've probably heard someone say to have a water between each drink- because it works. Here's a realistic goal: Have one glass of water at dinner, one at the bar, and then one when you get home.

3. Take a multi-vitamin. Bolster that healthy diet of yours with extra vitamins. You'll see for yourself.

4. Smoke less cigs. If you smoke a lot of cigarettes when you drink, this is likely were your hangovers are coming from. Plus it's gross. You know that right? Right?

5. Take an Advil before bed. This will decrease the amount of inflammation your brain experiences in the morning. The problem is, it's bad to mix pain relievers with alcohol, so don't make it a habit out of it. But if you're really worried about that hangover- this might save you from... The Pain.

6. Pass on the night cap. If you have one more drink as you are getting ready for bed, you are just making it harder on yourself the next day. Skip it. 

7. Buy more expensive booze. More expensive liquors and wines are almost always easier on your body the next day. The cheap stuff has more toxins and is really contributing to your hangovers. If you are ordering a cocktail without specifying a liquor then you're almost certainly getting "well" liquor and making things hard on yourself.

8. Skip happy hour on the weekends. It's tempting to go out early on the weekends but that prolonged period of drinking is making things worse. Tell your alcoholic-ass friends you'll meet up with them later.

9. Eat a late-night snack. Eat that leftover Chipotle before you go to bed. Don't gorge yourself, just have a snack and that can help you metabolize all those drinks.

10. Drop the thermostat. Making your room slightly cooler through the night can help to prevent your body from getting too warm. 

11. Pull the curtains. Or you can use a sleeping mask. Keeping it dark in your room will prevent your body from getting agitated by the morning sun. Uninterrupted sleep is the fastest road to recovery.

Now you know all the tricks. All 11. Don't forget, though... DON'T GET SLOSHED YOU ARE NOT FUN WHEN YOU GET SLOSHED AND YOU MAKE BAD DECISIONS AND YOU CAN BE SUPER ANNOYING. OK, love youuuuu!!!! 






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