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Behind The Scenes

It would be incredible hubris to think that anyone visiting Eternal-Weekend would care about what happens behind the scenes but I think it is important to tell those of you who have been watching closely why recent changes have been made. Let's start at the beginning and play a quick game of catch up.

We started as a group of friends and some co-workers who weren't happy with the impersonal, fly-by-night and sometimes sketchy pop-apparel market. Companies large and small move into meme culture and rip each other off left and right to make a couple of bucks. Many of us had been artists making a living off of selling designs on other large websites only to find that the companies were ripping us off, not paying out or just being dishonest shit-heads.

So, we began Eternal-Weekend with the thought that we would take our talent and experience to one centralized location and serve our audience the best designs. Our goal was, and still is, to spread the weekend lifestyle where you can be yourself and express who you are in any way you'd like. We cater to all types of audiences but we do so in a harmless, fun and passionate manner.

What happened? you ask, why is this post being written? Welp, a month ago we lost a few of our team members. And that was rough, as they had been the one's providing a lot of the content for the site. We regrouped and today instead of a five person team, we are the three best friends that anybody ever had (you should have been singing that in your head). Seriously, we decided that we need to keep this vision alive and each work harder than before to ensure the highest levels of quality and an honest brand at every touch-point.

Hopefully you haven't missed the blog posts and some of the droll product descriptions. Moving forward, we will start writing one useful post each week and we will make sure that the products continue to be amazing and live up to our loyal customer's standards. We love you all and are truly grateful for the opportunity to be in business doing what we enjoy.

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