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Arnie Glesper Collection - Featured Artist

Featured Artist

We are very excited to release our first limited-edition collaboration with a dear friend, Arnie Glesper. You can read more about Arnie bellow or on his collection page. I met Arnie in 2006 while living in London. He had an amazing way of seeing the city life, while most of us wanted to know the best club to attend at night or museum by day, Arnie could show you what was really happening. He had a way of seeing the life that existed between the lines, where most saw a beautiful century old building, Arnie could tell you what political party or gang had interest in that section of town.

We would walk down the street and he would point out things that anyone else would overlook as vandalism. I remember these marks seemingly randomly placed on different London tube stops, I dismissed them as sharpie marks from a bored school kid. In fact, it was the labor party's tagging and messaging system that marked the next protest and what type of equipment to bring. Each marking would show a route to get to the march to ensure that large groups weren't cut off trying to arrive together.

It was truly remarkable what data could be gleaned from seemingly innocuous markings throughout a city. As our world moves into an age ever more reliant on technology, these types of communications become more of an art form and one that may play an important role in ensuring freedom of communication through the ages.

Israeli-born Arnie Glesper has obsessed over street art since he was a young boy. He says, 'It is a powerful way for the oppressed to speak and it can be truly captivating.' After seeing graffiti's power in his home country, Arnie went on to travel Europe and then moved to New York. Through all his travels the passionate messaging and symbology behind graffiti inspired his study of the subject and life-long commitment to uncovering the bigger stories behind the art. 

Arnie was kind enough to create the following collection inspired by his own and some of his favorite graffiti from around the world. 'Each piece has its own story but its interpretation, like any art, is open to each observer. One day I hope to start a foundation to teach art and give supplies to the less fortunate around the world because it is such a powerful way for them to get their voices heard.'

This collection will be his first foray into the apparel world and if successful Arnie will be starting his own line to support his foundation.

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